Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Am Blessed

I am Blessed,
Forget the rest,
I don't got an S on my Chest,
Or a bullet proof vest,
But I don't need those because I am blessed,

On October 6th, 1992 @ approximately 6:37pm a miracle happened,
From darkness to light a combination of 1 X Chromosome and 1Y,
With more systems you could imagine from the Reproductive to the Endocrine,

With 5 senses sometimes feels like its 6,
Equipped with 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose, and 2 lips,
Now tell me that ain't sick,

And Behold here I am!!!
I can wiggle my ears,
My eyes can produce tears,
My body pumps adrenaline whenever danger is near,
And you wanna know one of my biggest fears …
Is that I'll stop being thankful,

Because I didn't work for any of these,
And whether you’re Black, White, or Japanese,
You have to agree,
That our Maker has sent down a Decree,
For You and Me,

See these blessings can one day become a curse,
This is a message to those who don't fear the black hearse,
Pulling in front of their Masjid, Temple, or Church,
People who don't know their worth,
People who put the dumbest things first,
Willing to kill themselves because of their girth,
People who undermine the purpose of their birth,

We clearly realize that this life is a test, better yet a mid-term,
Not even that this is the Final Exam and you've been procrastinatin' like crazy,
Not content with yourself but its okay you’re just lazy,
Before you straighten up you want a house and a baby,
A beautiful man or lady,
And you think the Angel of Death is gonna consider this when the order comes in,

Rivalry in worldly increase diverts you until you visit the graves,
Suddenly you’re no longer worried about your business affairs,
You just reminisce those days,
When you and your good friend Dave.
Used to cut up and misbehave,
but now Dave's 6 feet deep and his bodies turned gray,

The thought of decomposition,
Should put you in a position,
Where you realize that there is no resistin,
Your eminent intermission,
So you can make the decision,
To make the incision,
Separating you from this worldly prison,
For once and for all,

And I’m not talking about a jinni in a lamp, or a 4 leaf clover,
I’m talking about the Self Subsisting, All Sustaining, ALLAH,
Who to you … no one else is closer

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