Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tree of Love

Beautiful is her sight
Warm is her touch,
Comforting is her sound,
Her affection makes me blush,

The Epiphany of her essence is in her forgiveness,
I remember when I used to get suspended from school she would scold me,
Not too much longer, the same hand of fury, was used to hold me,
She would teach me, treat me, until the pain left from beneath me,
And it wouldn't be long before the cycle would be repeating,

Born into her loving care,
I was fed by her lovely stare,
The eyes that looked at me with mercy.
When no one else would care,
Pick the fuz out of my hair,
Whisper her love into my ear,
She has the type of soul that you could sense when it was near,
You could blind fold me in room and I'd still point to show you mommy's there

Superman’s got nothin on her she rocks a Hijab made of kryptonite,
Dracula won't get the fakin, cuz she goes hard in the morning and in the night.
Doctor Doom pshhhh He would get rusted up like a dirty pipe,
Shoooo Momma even beat Goku in a fight, Yeaaa dats right!

But Hey ... I'm just sayin,
Although she ain't a Super Saiyan,
This sister could knock me out, even when she's playin

This sister goes harder than Major Pain,
She has etched her existence into my brain
She would tame the Hulk with her stare of disdain
And she doesn't look for fame or, a statue made in her name,
The only thing she asks to never bring her shame.

I look back at years of arguments and lies,
Even moments where i messed up so bad i would have to see her cry,
Yet she would tell me I was the apple of her eye,
Such selflessness...
a woman whose biggest fear was my demise,
Yet so selfishly my actions, I didn't despise,
And It took me forever to realize that, at her feet was a surprise,
The Gateway to Jannah, there it lies

I mean what’s the point of Dawah if my Moms not pleased,
I can be a Hafiz of the Quran but If I am too hardened to get down on my knees,
And beg her please,
Umii please don't be upset with me,
Then To Hell with me!!!!, ...Literally.

Because If shes not happy, Then neither is my Lord,
Even atheists treat their Moms with abundant love,
And they don't even know the reward,
Yet I know!!!!...
And Although I know I continue with this discord,
If only I knew that the things I said to her were like a double sided sword,

A boy hunched over a face full of tears,
Regretful for the fact that he hasn't called his Mom in years,
Racing to her doorstep praying that her face appears,
He’s racing through the highway, and he’s oh So near!
He’s almost there one more turn and he’s in the clear,
He sees sirens in the mirror, but cant be bothered because his fear!!,

Is that she will die with a heart full of grief and do it casually,
His fear!! is that he will be slain on the streets wind up another stereotypical casualty,
His fear!! is that he wont be forgiven before Malak Al Maut enters his locality
Then he runs a red light and a truck hits him, his fear has just become a reality...

Procrastination has enslaved our nation,
With such precise approximation,
We cant find any method of evasion,
Along with all these trial and tribulations that we are all facin,
The clock is forever racin,
the countdown to our eternal displacement,
and through all the stress and all the worries were left with gloomy faces,
Yet no matter what!! Momma's shoulder is always there for us to put your face in.



  2. i love the contrast between the adult and the child in this poem...

  3. SubhanAllah!!!!! I love this poem!!!! Allah has really blessed you with words!!! Keep writing!!!!

  4. Jazakullah Khair for all the support :)