Saturday, July 16, 2011

Salah (Prayer)

I used to treat you like a joke,

Push you to the side, delay you,
Or just straight up evade you,
It was like I couldn’t fade you,

Especially when we were alone,
You had soo much to offer me,
But I would rather talk on the phone,
You were my Salvation,
Yet I refused to meet you even if I was by your home,

I would say it wasn’t an obligation,
I would rather see you with a mind of inflation,
Thoughts of how my day went floating in rotation,
While my time with you was quickly racing,

I give my Salams and its back to the procrastination,

The promises I had for you...
More verses, more care,
More concentration cause Lord knows that wasn’t there

I had all the means to better myself...,
But was too caught up in my affairs,

The days go by and none of these things are here,
The talks I've heard about you go in and out the other ear,
And when you call me ... ughhh I just wanna disappear,
When it came to you I acted like a man with no fear,

I used to be content knowing that I saw you when others were around,
If I only had Taqwah my conscious would be beating me down,
Because I didn't have enough love for you to put my head on the ground,
The importance of having you was oh so profound,

Yet I wouldn’t make a sound...

If I missed our appointment,
Even though to my wounds you were the ointment,

I guess I was too caught up in all the enjoyment,
When I look at back at those days I look back with disappointment,

Because you were the biggest difference between the Kufar and me,

But the gap got smaller and smaller as my heart filled with hypocrisy,
Yet I would frolic in harmony,
Like this inevitable change wasn't botherin me, 

Because I wasn't of those who would reflect on the bounties of their Lord,
Cause if I did there's no way I would give up that Reward, 

I would Fight, Persevere, Sacrifice, and use that sword,
...Called Emaan,

With that in my right hand and My shield of Ihsan in the left,
I would be the  ultimate Muslim warrior, hacking those Fitnahs and Shayateen to death,

With no hesitation, no skip of a breath,
My only goal would be Jannah, and making my Salah the best,

Verily Salah is better than sleep,

So you can make that choice to either count those sheep,
Or be amongst those whose stand and weep, Out of fear of defeat, 
Because when your 6 feet deep, With bugs chewin on your feet,
Only then will you regret the Salah you used to retreat

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  1. This is a well-written piece. Great job!