Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Muslimah

Leaving the Khutba, Emaan high as a kite,
Wonderful lecture about staying on the path that’s right,
So I’m heading to the 7/11 to grab a quick bite,
Then this Hijabi walks in and kidnaps my sight,

10 Seconds later I grab mybrownies and leave,
Man these Hijabi’s got some tricks up theirsleeve,
Illustrious creatures that can make a man doanything they please,
Sweep you off your feet and put you down on yourknees,

Now I can’t lie I do lovethe ladies, 
I try my best to keep it Halal but they can driveyou crazy, 
And Lord save you if says “HI” Your second sightgets hazy,
 Next thing you lost in a thought about ahouse and babies,

And all she wanted to knowis where the library was Cuhz… ;D

A gift from above some ofthese sisters can be,
But she must fear Allah and be a Hijabi,
She must have her own swag and not be sloppy,
And tough….My wife can never be a softy,

Because woman are a gift to mankind,
And as men we are foolish and need someone toremind,
That we were once raised by them and they treatedus oh so kind,
Yet we mistreat and abandon our women, we can beso blind,

The 4 year old Oh So bold but cut as a butterfly,
Now 16 she’s getting mean.. She lost the twinklein her eye,
The Hijab comes off, the deen is lost,
She’s tracking through the rough,
At 18 she makes it back, Man this girls tough!

Also fine this sisters a dime,
Nowhere near a 9,
I'm not Lyin…,
The dudes she declines,
The Sisters she reminds, 
And when it comes to Salah She is always inthe front line,
Ugghhh I wish she was mine,

But the attainment of perfection can never be rushed, 
Because her beauty isn't in her clothes or how she uses herblush,
Her beauty resonates from her Deen and how stays away from lust,
And that's what I love, that’s what I Honor, and that’s what Itrust

And it shouldn't be when we watch Jerry Springer that we noticeher honesty,
Or a world star hip hop video that we appreciate her modesty,
Because honestly... A nice body and no brain,
 Is like a picture with no frame,
Like a gift machine with no crane,
and like a Xbox, 4 controllers, Blu-Ray TV, Snacks, Comfy Seats,Surround Sound, :D 
...And no games. -____-..... Now tell me that ain't lame. 

And trustme this one goes out to no one in specific, 
Becausethere are more of these sisters then there are sharks in the pacific,
And their essence is terrific, ... Far from explicit,
Because these are the Muslimah and life without them would be horrific,

They've builtthe best of our role models with their motherly tactics,
Spewing out servants of Allah with no signs of sublantics,
And although the Niqaab can make others feel frantic,
Theseare the fruitful trees of Allah, who strive to do what their Lordcommanded  ~:D

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