Friday, April 8, 2011

Emaan (Faith)

Like the stock market; you are constantly fluctuating,
Like an English teacher you are constantly punctuating; my tranquility,

Like a Roller Coaster you love to go up and down,
And when you’re up I feel like a king... someone throw me a crown,
Cuz as long as you’re up this smile can never be a frown,
But now I’m jamming to music, and the smile goes upside down,

Sure on the outside I’ll seem to be content,
But trust me my heart bleeds of guilt eager to repent,
For there is a day of stress around the corner and it is a prominent event
And I know I am being watched……,

And it’s not by no “big brother”,
Or some overly protective mother,
See this type of home land security… is like no other,
For it is Allah, who has the Qadr,
So like a baby calf I drink gallons from the udder,

Because the young calf will one day become a cow,
And then Milk he once loved will be in his utter now,

Being delivered throughout the world,
To the little boys and little girls, and this is us,
Sunday school and Hifz School can sometimes be a bust,
... But we need it...,
So I pray I stay a calf forever, and to never get conceited,
Because I will always be in need of milk in this world full of heathens,

It’s a fact…Take a kid away from the Masjid, chances are he won’t be back,
The Shayateen are constantly picking away at our troops, and we don’t even fight back,
So we pray for this thing that can make our Ummah stand,
Up to these temptations and diversions with a sword in hand,
Out of fear and respect for what our Lord commands,
So we pray for this blessing, and it is Emaan.

That fueled Khalid ibn Waleed,
That helps us feed those in need,
That makes us strive to do good deeds,
That guides one to succeed,
Because INDEED!...,

Only in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest,
So we follow the Quran and Sunnah to help us pass this test,
Because we  shouldn't be wrapped up in this life when were so close to the next,
And we need to spread the word because this virus infects...,

That inspect,
Every aspect of your intellect,
Make you reflect,
That without Allah you are a reject,
So we need to show him respect,
For to him we owe such debt,
Because this life my friend never resets.

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