Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Woe To The Criminals

This Mother of 3… Getting off at 3,
Single parent working hard so the kids can have something to eat,

Walking home all alone she begins to reach for her phone,
Because those goons are on the block…If only she would've known,

But before she could turn the block…she was already caught,
 Surrounded by these killers like chicks on a jock,

The oldest of her kids makes Dua for her to get home safe,
Only for him to find out she was robbed and raped,

So where is the justice for these unnamed bastards?
Killing robbing deceiving as if this life didn't matter,

Their recompense is with their Lord,
So the family puts away their swords,
Because they trust in Allah…and await his reward

And InshaAllah they will find it,
So all you criminals please be reminded,
That your sins and atrocities only leave you blinded,

Because you are the peak of selfishness,
With you and your worldly wealthiness,

It shall earn you nothing...,
For you think you think you are stunting,
But once you’re in that grave all your laughs will be replaced with grunting,
Because you are SOMETHING!,

Did you think that Allah wasn't aware of all things?
What if I told you he knew whenever a bee stings,
Or that he knew everything about Saturn’s rings,
Or that he created all of you… and your pieces of “Bling”,

Would you then bear witness to the one true throne?
To Allah the self-subsisting who works completely alone?
And what If I told you to call him you didn't need a phone?,

How would I convince you??
That the fire of hell could tear your body like a tissue,
Would you still think disbelieving wasn't a big issue?
And don’t fret I don’t mean to diss you or dismiss you,
On the contrary my friend I mean to…Enlist you…,

To the nation of those that know that Islam is true,
Because one day well be on high thrones gazing (iA) …will you be too?
And if you turn away then Heyy do what you do,
But know that one day Allah will say…Were the disbelievers not paid for what they used to do?

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