Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Story Of A Fool

Dust is my bed,
My how she embraces me,
She covers me now,
Oh so suffocatingly,

The sand surrounds me,
The darkness profounds me,
Looking for a way out,
But can't see anything around me

Leaving no corners undanked,
Into the Kubr I sank,
This Torment! This Torment!,
And I'm the one to thank,

All the years at the lectures, the Khutbas, and Taraweeh,
All couldn’t save me from that, which I desired,
Then like a loaf of bread in the fridge see I had expired,
I made this Dunya my job and from it I was fired,

See this Dunya was a Cow and I was a young thirsty lad,
See had a bowl full of milk, but a soul full of sad,
The potential was so good, but the outcome was so bad,
Now I dwell in this pit thinking about what I could've had,

Ihdinas Siratal Mustaqeen, I wish I would've said it more times in a day,
17 times is what it should be, but see I would never pray,
I remember my Mom would beg me "Son please don't go astray!"
And I'd say "Get off my back, I'm a grown man anyway"

Slave to my desires and filled with arrogance,
Next thing I know my family hates me more then I hate asparagus,
So I'm runnin' around smokin' trees with kids with no parents and,
I'm sunk into this Dunya… A time bomb what a wonderful comparison,

Now I wait in my grave for the Yawm Al-Qiyamah,
And I remember now I never apologized to my Momma,
I remember that Jahanam… that It’s not no Sauna,
It’s a place where the sparks are like tall leaping Llamas,

…But It's too late… for I am Destroyed…

Lost in a void where my sins are materialized all around,
The embodiment of my Quran is a big scary clown,
These Horrific angels and their weapons continue to beat me down,
Then before another snake bite, I'm convulsed by this sound,

Resurrected completely with no signs of decay…,
Flat on my back cussin' like I was that day,
When that one fool shot me before I could say,
"Wait! Man Wait! I'll have your money please I promise I'll pay!!"

In a land of white sand,
Books flying in right hands,
Huge Angels on command,
The Sun so close I feel like I could touch it with my hand,

Ya Rabb!!! I can't take it Oh I wish I were dust!,
A voice replies saying "NO! For you gave into lust,
And It was in your bosses & doctors, that you put all your trust,
So now for you… Bisaal Maseer is an absolute must,

All goes silent as we all look one direction,
Then a violent roar drops us all to our knees like a viral infection!
For Jahanam is being pulled! and it is an awful invention.
Nearly 5 billion Angels pulling forth my biggest investment!!

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