Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Break the Boundary

I wish we could break the boundary 
Looking at these Dunyafied clay-molds like "this is who I ought to be"

Young boy in Hifz school memorizing 3 pages a day, 
Just so he can go home and flush it all away...,

All Because Kanye West got a new hit,
...Disgusted and ashamed I ask myself....Is this it??

Is this our destiny,

one of these Dunya Drones; is this who I'm destined to be?

Young Hijabi moves to Queens,
The city of dreams, 

Where a ticket to paradise is just a train ride away,
1 year in this new crowd and she’s already gone astray,
No more signs of Ihsan or Emaan, No way Jose!
So definitely No more 5 times a day will she pray,
But heyy what can ya say :/ ??

The Folks come home late struggling to provide,
Shooo Her older brothers worse than her, he’s got nothing to hide,
These kids are on the Dholala express, and its one HELL of a ride,

Everyone’s doing it he says... move with the tide,

Were no longer in Africa, uncle's not here to spank us,
I had so much fun today me and my friends got danked up,
After school there was a fight, these 2 dudes got banged up,
Ahhhhh. This is the life.

And this is just one example ...

What about young Muhammad whose Mom had to work two jobs,
Meaning his memories at the Masjid were soon to fade away in the fog,

No more Sunday school keeping his Emaan in check,
Because lord knows when your 14 and alone the Quran is the last thing your willing to inspect,

First goes his Khushoo... then goes his Salat,
He’s doing mindless motions, cant keep track of his Rakats,

His promise with Allah he so foolishly forgot,
If only he kept in mind the day when he will be put on the spot,

Another fly with its wings stuck in Shaytans web,
If only he would've remembered the things his Imam said,
Like "You will be resurrected amongst those whom you love"
And now Young Muhammad has become Big Moe and he loves his clik of thugs,

Got no love for Suckas, Sapps, or Sissies, He’s too busy scraping pennies
Quick bucks, and get rich schemes, cuz he’s tryna get a Bentley,

The Masjid he once loved he cant stand being in for Ramadan,
Each year the brothers notice just how far astray he’s gone, 

One year a foul mouth, Next year disloyal,
This kids a gallon of milk waiting to spoil,
Someone please put him in the fridge, take him off this road to toil,

This brothers in the melting pot... and its beginning to boil, 

And although you don't see him making Sajda to the Mirror,
Trust me his Submission is to himself.. a man living with no fear,
If only he would take heed to what his Lord made clear,
Then maybe he would break away from this life… and from his peers,

So now the rumors have spread of these Muslims gone bad,

No longer known as backbiting its just an ordinary Fad,
But I wonder instead of spreading these rumors that'll obviously make them mad,
Why don’t we go the extra mile and lend them a hand...,

You see were so quick to judge but so hesitant to hug,
This is the reason why we constantly hold a grudge,
No Salam, "How ya doin?", Just a grin and a shrug,
What happened to loving each other for the sake of Allah,
My Ummah ... where is the Love???,

What kind of Muslim doesn't remind his brother about the one and only way,

And just watches him go astray with absolutely nothing to say,
If were selfish in this Dunya, just imagine The Judgment day,
The day when its every man for himself... and its too late to pray.

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