Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Am Blessed

I am Blessed,
Forget the rest,
I don't got an S on my Chest,
Or a bullet proof vest,
But I don't need those because I am blessed,

On October 6th, 1992 @ approximately 6:37pm a miracle happened,
From darkness to light a combination of 1 X Chromosome and 1Y,
With more systems you could imagine from the Reproductive to the Endocrine,

With 5 senses sometimes feels like its 6,
Equipped with 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose, and 2 lips,
Now tell me that ain't sick,

And Behold here I am!!!
I can wiggle my ears,
My eyes can produce tears,
My body pumps adrenaline whenever danger is near,
And you wanna know one of my biggest fears …
Is that I'll stop being thankful,

Because I didn't work for any of these,
And whether you’re Black, White, or Japanese,
You have to agree,
That our Maker has sent down a Decree,
For You and Me,

See these blessings can one day become a curse,
This is a message to those who don't fear the black hearse,
Pulling in front of their Masjid, Temple, or Church,
People who don't know their worth,
People who put the dumbest things first,
Willing to kill themselves because of their girth,
People who undermine the purpose of their birth,

We clearly realize that this life is a test, better yet a mid-term,
Not even that this is the Final Exam and you've been procrastinatin' like crazy,
Not content with yourself but its okay you’re just lazy,
Before you straighten up you want a house and a baby,
A beautiful man or lady,
And you think the Angel of Death is gonna consider this when the order comes in,

Rivalry in worldly increase diverts you until you visit the graves,
Suddenly you’re no longer worried about your business affairs,
You just reminisce those days,
When you and your good friend Dave.
Used to cut up and misbehave,
but now Dave's 6 feet deep and his bodies turned gray,

The thought of decomposition,
Should put you in a position,
Where you realize that there is no resistin,
Your eminent intermission,
So you can make the decision,
To make the incision,
Separating you from this worldly prison,
For once and for all,

And I’m not talking about a jinni in a lamp, or a 4 leaf clover,
I’m talking about the Self Subsisting, All Sustaining, ALLAH,
Who to you … no one else is closer

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Break the Boundary

I wish we could break the boundary 
Looking at these Dunyafied clay-molds like "this is who I ought to be"

Young boy in Hifz school memorizing 3 pages a day, 
Just so he can go home and flush it all away...,

All Because Kanye West got a new hit,
...Disgusted and ashamed I ask myself....Is this it??

Is this our destiny,

one of these Dunya Drones; is this who I'm destined to be?

Young Hijabi moves to Queens,
The city of dreams, 

Where a ticket to paradise is just a train ride away,
1 year in this new crowd and she’s already gone astray,
No more signs of Ihsan or Emaan, No way Jose!
So definitely No more 5 times a day will she pray,
But heyy what can ya say :/ ??

The Folks come home late struggling to provide,
Shooo Her older brothers worse than her, he’s got nothing to hide,
These kids are on the Dholala express, and its one HELL of a ride,

Everyone’s doing it he says... move with the tide,

Were no longer in Africa, uncle's not here to spank us,
I had so much fun today me and my friends got danked up,
After school there was a fight, these 2 dudes got banged up,
Ahhhhh. This is the life.

And this is just one example ...

What about young Muhammad whose Mom had to work two jobs,
Meaning his memories at the Masjid were soon to fade away in the fog,

No more Sunday school keeping his Emaan in check,
Because lord knows when your 14 and alone the Quran is the last thing your willing to inspect,

First goes his Khushoo... then goes his Salat,
He’s doing mindless motions, cant keep track of his Rakats,

His promise with Allah he so foolishly forgot,
If only he kept in mind the day when he will be put on the spot,

Another fly with its wings stuck in Shaytans web,
If only he would've remembered the things his Imam said,
Like "You will be resurrected amongst those whom you love"
And now Young Muhammad has become Big Moe and he loves his clik of thugs,

Got no love for Suckas, Sapps, or Sissies, He’s too busy scraping pennies
Quick bucks, and get rich schemes, cuz he’s tryna get a Bentley,

The Masjid he once loved he cant stand being in for Ramadan,
Each year the brothers notice just how far astray he’s gone, 

One year a foul mouth, Next year disloyal,
This kids a gallon of milk waiting to spoil,
Someone please put him in the fridge, take him off this road to toil,

This brothers in the melting pot... and its beginning to boil, 

And although you don't see him making Sajda to the Mirror,
Trust me his Submission is to himself.. a man living with no fear,
If only he would take heed to what his Lord made clear,
Then maybe he would break away from this life… and from his peers,

So now the rumors have spread of these Muslims gone bad,

No longer known as backbiting its just an ordinary Fad,
But I wonder instead of spreading these rumors that'll obviously make them mad,
Why don’t we go the extra mile and lend them a hand...,

You see were so quick to judge but so hesitant to hug,
This is the reason why we constantly hold a grudge,
No Salam, "How ya doin?", Just a grin and a shrug,
What happened to loving each other for the sake of Allah,
My Ummah ... where is the Love???,

What kind of Muslim doesn't remind his brother about the one and only way,

And just watches him go astray with absolutely nothing to say,
If were selfish in this Dunya, just imagine The Judgment day,
The day when its every man for himself... and its too late to pray.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Emaan (Faith)

Like the stock market; you are constantly fluctuating,
Like an English teacher you are constantly punctuating; my tranquility,

Like a Roller Coaster you love to go up and down,
And when you’re up I feel like a king... someone throw me a crown,
Cuz as long as you’re up this smile can never be a frown,
But now I’m jamming to music, and the smile goes upside down,

Sure on the outside I’ll seem to be content,
But trust me my heart bleeds of guilt eager to repent,
For there is a day of stress around the corner and it is a prominent event
And I know I am being watched……,

And it’s not by no “big brother”,
Or some overly protective mother,
See this type of home land security… is like no other,
For it is Allah, who has the Qadr,
So like a baby calf I drink gallons from the udder,

Because the young calf will one day become a cow,
And then Milk he once loved will be in his utter now,

Being delivered throughout the world,
To the little boys and little girls, and this is us,
Sunday school and Hifz School can sometimes be a bust,
... But we need it...,
So I pray I stay a calf forever, and to never get conceited,
Because I will always be in need of milk in this world full of heathens,

It’s a fact…Take a kid away from the Masjid, chances are he won’t be back,
The Shayateen are constantly picking away at our troops, and we don’t even fight back,
So we pray for this thing that can make our Ummah stand,
Up to these temptations and diversions with a sword in hand,
Out of fear and respect for what our Lord commands,
So we pray for this blessing, and it is Emaan.

That fueled Khalid ibn Waleed,
That helps us feed those in need,
That makes us strive to do good deeds,
That guides one to succeed,
Because INDEED!...,

Only in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest,
So we follow the Quran and Sunnah to help us pass this test,
Because we  shouldn't be wrapped up in this life when were so close to the next,
And we need to spread the word because this virus infects...,

That inspect,
Every aspect of your intellect,
Make you reflect,
That without Allah you are a reject,
So we need to show him respect,
For to him we owe such debt,
Because this life my friend never resets.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Muslimah

Leaving the Khutba, Emaan high as a kite,
Wonderful lecture about staying on the path that’s right,
So I’m heading to the 7/11 to grab a quick bite,
Then this Hijabi walks in and kidnaps my sight,

10 Seconds later I grab mybrownies and leave,
Man these Hijabi’s got some tricks up theirsleeve,
Illustrious creatures that can make a man doanything they please,
Sweep you off your feet and put you down on yourknees,

Now I can’t lie I do lovethe ladies, 
I try my best to keep it Halal but they can driveyou crazy, 
And Lord save you if says “HI” Your second sightgets hazy,
 Next thing you lost in a thought about ahouse and babies,

And all she wanted to knowis where the library was Cuhz… ;D

A gift from above some ofthese sisters can be,
But she must fear Allah and be a Hijabi,
She must have her own swag and not be sloppy,
And tough….My wife can never be a softy,

Because woman are a gift to mankind,
And as men we are foolish and need someone toremind,
That we were once raised by them and they treatedus oh so kind,
Yet we mistreat and abandon our women, we can beso blind,

The 4 year old Oh So bold but cut as a butterfly,
Now 16 she’s getting mean.. She lost the twinklein her eye,
The Hijab comes off, the deen is lost,
She’s tracking through the rough,
At 18 she makes it back, Man this girls tough!

Also fine this sisters a dime,
Nowhere near a 9,
I'm not Lyin…,
The dudes she declines,
The Sisters she reminds, 
And when it comes to Salah She is always inthe front line,
Ugghhh I wish she was mine,

But the attainment of perfection can never be rushed, 
Because her beauty isn't in her clothes or how she uses herblush,
Her beauty resonates from her Deen and how stays away from lust,
And that's what I love, that’s what I Honor, and that’s what Itrust

And it shouldn't be when we watch Jerry Springer that we noticeher honesty,
Or a world star hip hop video that we appreciate her modesty,
Because honestly... A nice body and no brain,
 Is like a picture with no frame,
Like a gift machine with no crane,
and like a Xbox, 4 controllers, Blu-Ray TV, Snacks, Comfy Seats,Surround Sound, :D 
...And no games. -____-..... Now tell me that ain't lame. 

And trustme this one goes out to no one in specific, 
Becausethere are more of these sisters then there are sharks in the pacific,
And their essence is terrific, ... Far from explicit,
Because these are the Muslimah and life without them would be horrific,

They've builtthe best of our role models with their motherly tactics,
Spewing out servants of Allah with no signs of sublantics,
And although the Niqaab can make others feel frantic,
Theseare the fruitful trees of Allah, who strive to do what their Lordcommanded  ~:D

Woe To The Criminals

This Mother of 3… Getting off at 3,
Single parent working hard so the kids can have something to eat,

Walking home all alone she begins to reach for her phone,
Because those goons are on the block…If only she would've known,

But before she could turn the block…she was already caught,
 Surrounded by these killers like chicks on a jock,

The oldest of her kids makes Dua for her to get home safe,
Only for him to find out she was robbed and raped,

So where is the justice for these unnamed bastards?
Killing robbing deceiving as if this life didn't matter,

Their recompense is with their Lord,
So the family puts away their swords,
Because they trust in Allah…and await his reward

And InshaAllah they will find it,
So all you criminals please be reminded,
That your sins and atrocities only leave you blinded,

Because you are the peak of selfishness,
With you and your worldly wealthiness,

It shall earn you nothing...,
For you think you think you are stunting,
But once you’re in that grave all your laughs will be replaced with grunting,
Because you are SOMETHING!,

Did you think that Allah wasn't aware of all things?
What if I told you he knew whenever a bee stings,
Or that he knew everything about Saturn’s rings,
Or that he created all of you… and your pieces of “Bling”,

Would you then bear witness to the one true throne?
To Allah the self-subsisting who works completely alone?
And what If I told you to call him you didn't need a phone?,

How would I convince you??
That the fire of hell could tear your body like a tissue,
Would you still think disbelieving wasn't a big issue?
And don’t fret I don’t mean to diss you or dismiss you,
On the contrary my friend I mean to…Enlist you…,

To the nation of those that know that Islam is true,
Because one day well be on high thrones gazing (iA) …will you be too?
And if you turn away then Heyy do what you do,
But know that one day Allah will say…Were the disbelievers not paid for what they used to do?

The Story Of A Fool

Dust is my bed,
My how she embraces me,
She covers me now,
Oh so suffocatingly,

The sand surrounds me,
The darkness profounds me,
Looking for a way out,
But can't see anything around me

Leaving no corners undanked,
Into the Kubr I sank,
This Torment! This Torment!,
And I'm the one to thank,

All the years at the lectures, the Khutbas, and Taraweeh,
All couldn’t save me from that, which I desired,
Then like a loaf of bread in the fridge see I had expired,
I made this Dunya my job and from it I was fired,

See this Dunya was a Cow and I was a young thirsty lad,
See had a bowl full of milk, but a soul full of sad,
The potential was so good, but the outcome was so bad,
Now I dwell in this pit thinking about what I could've had,

Ihdinas Siratal Mustaqeen, I wish I would've said it more times in a day,
17 times is what it should be, but see I would never pray,
I remember my Mom would beg me "Son please don't go astray!"
And I'd say "Get off my back, I'm a grown man anyway"

Slave to my desires and filled with arrogance,
Next thing I know my family hates me more then I hate asparagus,
So I'm runnin' around smokin' trees with kids with no parents and,
I'm sunk into this Dunya… A time bomb what a wonderful comparison,

Now I wait in my grave for the Yawm Al-Qiyamah,
And I remember now I never apologized to my Momma,
I remember that Jahanam… that It’s not no Sauna,
It’s a place where the sparks are like tall leaping Llamas,

…But It's too late… for I am Destroyed…

Lost in a void where my sins are materialized all around,
The embodiment of my Quran is a big scary clown,
These Horrific angels and their weapons continue to beat me down,
Then before another snake bite, I'm convulsed by this sound,

Resurrected completely with no signs of decay…,
Flat on my back cussin' like I was that day,
When that one fool shot me before I could say,
"Wait! Man Wait! I'll have your money please I promise I'll pay!!"

In a land of white sand,
Books flying in right hands,
Huge Angels on command,
The Sun so close I feel like I could touch it with my hand,

Ya Rabb!!! I can't take it Oh I wish I were dust!,
A voice replies saying "NO! For you gave into lust,
And It was in your bosses & doctors, that you put all your trust,
So now for you… Bisaal Maseer is an absolute must,

All goes silent as we all look one direction,
Then a violent roar drops us all to our knees like a viral infection!
For Jahanam is being pulled! and it is an awful invention.
Nearly 5 billion Angels pulling forth my biggest investment!!